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Welcome to Just a city girl’s about me and my blog page!! Here is a little more info about Just a city girl.

Just a city girl blog is a South African blog about all things I LOVE, beauty, style, skincare, traveling, different cities and everything in between, established in 2017! This blog was created and designed by myself, Jessica – Lee van Staden, and the help of a friend who designed the cartoon version of me.

A born and breed city girl, from Johannesburg, South Africa, to showcase and give my not so expertise opinion and advice on style, being healthy and fit, looking after yourself, writing reviews on various beauty and skincare products and giving you extra info and tips as I go. I like to explore and discover hidden gems and local brands, be it a coffee shop, an online store or a new, sometimes even old, but newly discovered product range. I love traveling, I haven’t been further then Mozambique yet, but hey a girl can dream!

I have a shoe obsession that I can’t explain and am a self-proclaimed beauty, skincare product and style junkie. I’m no beauty guru, everything I write & share is purely my thoughts, 100% my honest opinion and knowledge. I am a tree hugger at heart and love contributing, even if it is just my little bit, to making the planet a better and greener place. I have a deep love for natural and organic products too. I’m a creative soul and love all things artsy.

On here I will share a little bit of everything my soul loves, niches are for the birds. You can find anything on here, make – up, style, shopping hauls, fashion finds, bargains, all things pretty, anything traveling related, skincare products, tips and advice, ideas, and the list goes on. Oh, have I got so much in store for my readers.

And lastly, I want to inspire ladies all over the world to just own it, rock it, go for it, make a change, be the change, do what you love, be whoever you want to be, be bold, be brave, be confident and most importantly love yourself and take care of yourself and love this round ball we all live on that does so much for us without us even having to ask for it. To look after not just your pretty faces, but your souls too.

Things I love : The city, any city, vintage anythings, Instagram [Follow me here], online shopping, sales, a well fitting denim, black, coffee, and more coffee, pizza, sushi, top knots, lipstick, good eyebrows, laughing, dreaming of exploring the world, shoes of course, foot massages and did I say coffee? Sleeping should also be on this list!