Helloooo 2018!! I am always most excited when the year is busy ending, everyone goes into relax mode, you reflect back on the current year thinking what you would like to do different in the new year, work out new goals. In the beginning of a fresh year I feel inspired and ready to tackle every obstacle, take on every challenge, make all my new year goals become reality and just start over. You know, hitting play on a new chapter of 365 days.

Life lately

If you are still in shock that it is ALREADY a new year, I’m right there with ya AND it’s the month of love already, people, I ain’t ready. I hoped December would be a perfect, relaxing month, with ample time to prep blog posts for the new year, shoot blog content and social media photos, work on City Girl Beauty and start 2018 with a BANG, prepared & organized. Ooooh no, December was a lot of things EXCEPT for of course what I hoped it would be! Our ‘festive season’ (if we could call it that) started off with renovations, which in other words means CHAOS.

With that being said we didn’t have a kitchen for nearly a solid month, we lived in dust clouds for 2 months and now only renovations has come to an end. Even though it has ended, half my belongings are still at my old house, which includes half of my closet, just about all my makeup and skincare and 90% of my shoes! The things I do have with me in the new little nest, is either in a box, scattered on the floor or in a pile. Not even mentioning I don’t have enough hanging space for my clothes or shoe space for my don’t know how many pairs of shoes. So, how has your 2018 been so far? In other news, let’s get to the exciting parts of this post because this topic can turn into a never ending venting session.

Blog Content

After my Instagram polls and a bit of research I found out from my audience how often they would prefer me to post and about what. I’ve decided on going with twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays as this just goes better with my current schedule. For the next couple of months I have some highly requested blog posts coming up such as how to start a blog & also how to start a business/brand – I have had SO many requests on these 2 posts. In Feb I will have my first empties post of products I finished in December & January. I will also share a new in my makeup bag post and a summer look book. Speaking of a look book……

Introducing City Girl Style

If you don’t know this yet, I recently started an Instagram account JUST for style. With my current feed on Instagram for my blog I really enjoy the crisp white flat lays and I REALLY don’t want to mix that up, even if I wanted to, my OCD just won’t allow it. So I decided to start an Instagram account to share seasonal looks, bargains buys, being stylish on a budget and just show you all how strong my love for style really is. Go give me a follow here.

Inspiring Workspace

I am a true believer if your workspace is clean and organized it will show in the content you are publishing and whatever else reflects your working enviroment. Having my own space has been something I have REALLY wanted for the past 2 years, but having an entire room full of everything I love I thought would always just be a dream. Our new little home has 3 bedrooms, which allowed me to use one of them as MY SPACE. Full of inspiration and the things I love. I always dreamed of having all my beauty products, favourite pieces of clothing and pairs of shoes displayed with all my accessories along with it, like one of those heavenly Pinterest closets. Now I finally have the opportunity to make it happen. You can stay updated with the process on my social media platforms.

City Girl Beauty

My brand new business and also my biggest stress & biggest dream at the same time. I can’t tell you how stressful it is to start a brand new brand and business from absolutely nothing. And the reason it is so stressful is because it is so important. You never know if anything will work unless you try it, and trying anything means you are putting yourself out there. Launching new products are such a difficult task, getting to the final end product, marketing it, making sure your followers and target market understands why YOU & YOUR brand and it’s products are different.

It is such a learning curve and everyday there is something new to brain storm and work towards. This year I will be making it happen with City Girl Beauty, how I’ll be doing it isn’t always clear, but 1 thing I know for sure is my attitude towards being a success is everything. And if I fall down I have to get up and keep pushing. I have a few new items launching this month I can’t wait to share with you all. I am also not limiting City Girl Beauty to JUST beauty, I will be broadening the horizons and I can’t wait to share all my ideas with you all.

City girl beauty liquid lipstick


You will be hearing from me at least once a week as of this month. I’ll be sending out a monthly newsletter so all of my gorgeous subscribers know what’s happening and when. Also, whenever there is a new post, a giveaway or a new product launch you will also get a mail. If you aren’t subscribed yet, please do so – there is a subscribe section in the side bar to the right.

Thank you for stopping by and catching up with me and my crazy life lately. Never a dull moment here. And thanks for the ongoing support to my loyal readers and followers. This year Just a city girl will be reaching new heights and it is all thanks to my awesome readers.


2 thoughts on “Helloooo 2018!”

  1. This is one of the first few blogs I became hooked on, when I first started researching how to start my own blog. I’m really looking forward to the blogging advice you’ll be sharing this year. All the best with Just a city girl, and with City Girl Beauty.

    Happy 2018!

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