Writing my empties post about my Hey Gorgeous favourites, it reminded me how much I really love this brand. Immediately I wanted to write a blog post of all my favourites from them. If you haven’t tried Hey Gorgeous products yet, I highly recommend it. I love supporting local brands and when I discovered Hey Gorgeous a couple of years ago, I knew it would be a relationship with a spark that would never die.

Hey Gorgeous Cleansers

I LOVE a good cleanser. I’ve tried 4 of the 15 different cleansers they have to offer. Yes, 15 guys, I always find it SO hard to choose if I want to buy a new one! Their cleansers are really a staple in my skincare regime. The one I am currently using is the Peach & Rosehip seed cleanser. It smells OUT OF THIS WORLD! It is so gentle, yet cleanses the skin properly. I use this cleanser daily. The ingredients in this cleanser has remarkable rejuvenating properties and will nourish your skin every time you use it. Read more about it here.

Other cleansers I have tried and love is the Activated charcoal detoxifying cleanser, also very gentle and nourishing on the skin, whilst detoxifying at the same time. The Aloe & Chamomile shoothing cleanser was actually the very first one I bought from Hey Gorgeous. It is a very gentle cleanser too, suitable for especially sensitive skin, but makes all skin types happy. I’ve also tried the Revitalizing facial gel cleanser. This is not a favourite, only because I prefer a cream cleanser.

Natural Toner

I don’t have a favourite – I LOVE ALL their toners! It just completes the cleansing phase of your skincare routine, I can’t get myself to put anything on my skin before I have applied my toner. Current toner I am using is the Orange blossom & Chamomile toner.

Hey gorgeous has some of the BEST natural toners on the market in my opinion. They have a variety of 8 different ones. I have only tried 2 of them though.

Shop their toners here.

Choc Mint Whipped Body Mousse

Hey Gorgeous knows what their doing when it comes to divine body mousses/butters, but this one in particular is a favourite of mine! This whipped mousse has a slight tint to it. It enhances your natural skintone, making it appear like you have a slight natural glow, kind of like instant self tanner, just more subtle. The smell of this lingers the WHOLE day! If you don’t like smelling like chocolate, I’m not sure what is wrong with you. I ALWAYS get compliments if I where this body mousse. It’s made with Shea, Cacao butters, Coconut, Cacao powder, Jojoba and essential oils. Say GOODBYE to dry, pale skin and HELLO to a sun-kissed glow!

Get your hands on it by clicking here.

Hey Gorgeous Body Scrubs

I adore sugar body scrubs – Hey Gorgeous makes some of my most loved ones! I currently have the Pina Colada and Strawberry body scrubs in my bathroom. We all know why it is important to exfoliate, it keeps our skin nice and smooth by getting rid of old and dead skin cells. We also exfoliate to keep our skin firm and healthy in general. Hey Gorgeous scrubs not only packs a punch when it comes to exfoliation, but sends you on a dreamy tropical holiday every time you indulge in these body scrubs.

Shop their scrub collection here. There is such an amazing variety, all I can guarantee is that you won’t be able to make up your mind and that you will want them all.

Hey Gorgeous Natural Facial Serums

I have tried 3 of their serums and once again, there is not a bad thing to say about any of them. They are all thick and luxurious, so I do prefer using mine in my evening skincare routine. My skin adores their facial serums. There’s something about a natural facial oil that just makes skin so happy. And isn’t that what we all want? Happy, healthy skin! They have serums for all skincare issues and all ages. Go have a look here. Each serum has a description of what it does and why it works, so if you are unsure, the descriptions help a lot. If you are still unsure, Hey Gorgeous owner & staff are ALWAYS very helpful with any questions you may have.

I could go on and on about Hey Gorgeous products, but I won’t. It was extremely hard to pick a top 5, because there is just SO much to choose from. Their facial and body masks and their face scrubs are amazing too.

They have an online shopping app you can download too for totally free.

Thank you for peeping in and giving this post a read.

Lots of love,


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