It’s here, finally the City Girls Care project launch day has arrived. Myself & Nicole from T-shirts for change wanted to collaborate & create the perfect gift that gives back too. Whether it is for yourself or a gift for someone you love!

More about the project

I initially came across T-shirts for change & thought the initiative behind Nicole’s project was AMAZING! I thought of a few quick ideas & asked her if she would be keen if I send them through. Luckily she was & luckily for me she liked them. We emailed back and forth briefly coming up with even more ideas & this was 1 of many.

This gift set will have 2 set options – either a tee with 1 lippy of your choice or a tee with 2 lippies of your choice. Every t-shirt is 100% locally made, every stitch & every detail, and the lipsticks are 100% vegan, cruelty free & paraben free. From each set we will donate R100 to the Frida Hartley Women Shelter.

More about Frida Hartley

The Frida Hartley Shelter for destitute women and children in Yeoville, Johannesburg, takes in homeless women, and their children who have endured neglect, abuse, trauma and homelessness. They shelter individuals who have lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet, young homeless mothers looking to kick-start their lives, and individuals going through financial difficulties (affected by retrenchment or unemployment).

The shelter is a non-profit organisation that aims to empower women, through providing accommodation, psycho-social support, employment, and training. The Frida Hartley Shelter also provides nutrition and childcare to the children housed at the shelter with their mother. This allows the mothers the time they need whilst they are job hunting.

The services they offer include, but are not limited to FREE job-skills training, accommodation up to 6 months, 3 meals a day, monthly toiletries, counselling, life skills training, entrepreneurial skills training and referrals to workplace employment and further psycho-social support. They aim to enable mothers to regain their dignity by becoming independent of the shelter, in order to adequately support themselves and their children.

Pretty amazing, right? Organisations like this one are creating a better future for SA, isn’t this what we all want? To just better the future. Giving women and their children an opportunity to create a better life for themselves and if we have the POWER to help, then what is stopping us?


The idea and main reason behind our project is to spread awareness. We shouldn’t be blinding ourselves from the issues our country and the people in it are facing. So, what we want from all you gorgeous city girls is to buy yourselves one of these gift sets, put on your tee & your lippy & TAKE A SELFIE. Who doesn’t want to take a selfie? Post it on social media & tag @citygirlbeauty_ & @tshirtsforchangesa. Use the hashtags #CITYGIRLSCARE – cause we do, #CityGirlBeauty & #tshirtsforchange.

Gift Wrapping Option

Both, Nicole & I have decided to add a gift wrapping option for R40 extra if you would want to buy this as a gift. We have a contemporary option & a traditional Christmassy option. We will include a personalised name tag & a handwritten card with whatever you would like to say in it.

Contemporary wrapping option

Traditional wrapping option

Website & social media links

For any additional info on the Frida Hartley Women Shelter here is the link again – Friday Hartley.

Their social media links :



Go follow them to stay updated on their doings & accomplishments. Also to show a little LUUURV, you know!

For more on Nikki’s project, here is her website link – T-Shirts for Change.

Her social media links :



If you love this project as much as we do, shop this link!

“The POWER YOU have is to be the BEST version of you & create a better world!”


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