I love these types of posts & videos that is why I decided to start a product empties series of my own. This post will feature all my October product empties, I’ll include short reviews of each empty and if the particular product would make it to my shopping cart again.

The Bodyshop

Body Wash

Who doesn’t love a dreamy bodywash and who doesn’t love The Bodyshop? These retail for R99.99 each, which in my personal opinion is a liiiiiitle expensive. There are SO many body washes which are just as good as these for a fraction of the price. Then the other thing I don’t like about these washes, you won’t believe this, but it’s the packaging. These plastic bottles are SO HARD to squeeze.

I would repurchase these, but only if they are on special or something! I really enjoy body washes from Sorbet, Oh So Heavenly & Sanex.

Chamomile Silky Cleansing Oil 

If you haven’t come across a good makeup remover yet, this is the one for you. I can’t get enough of this silky cleansing oil from The Bodyshop! It has a subtle sent, its rich formula lathers onto your skin, removing makeup of any sort without a hassle. I double cleanse with it, to make sure I have gotten the makeup and dirt off 100%. It retails for only R190 & it lasts for at least 2 months. I use about 2 pumps per cleanse.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

THIS.IS.EVERYTHING! I tried to like the Colab dry shampoo and it is just not the same. Batiste dry shampoo just ticks all the boxes for me! It doesn’t make my hair feel like hay, it instantly makes my hair look and feel refreshed, the scent are just amazing. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must and if you have I am sure you like it.


Hey Gorgeous


Pomegranate & grape hot oil cleanser 

This cleanser is packed with skin-loving ingredients leaving your skin feeling squeaky clean & radiant after use. It is ideal for ALL skin types too & perfect for morning & evening cleansing. It’s also a 2 phase cleanser, the 1st phase being the cleansing part to remove dirt & even your makeup. For the 2nd phase use an exfoliating pad to gently dislodge dead skin cells and stubborn dirt, to reveal a soft & radiant feeling skin. Not only is this product an amazing 2 phase cleanser, but it smells out of this world. I always go back to my Hey gorgeous skincare, as I have said before, you can’t go wrong with ANYTHING from this brand. Read more on this cleanser here, maybe you’ll even purchase it. 😉

Luminance Liquid Moisturizer

This moisturizer prevents dryness & improves moisture levels, while at the same time boosts collagen production, refines pores, leaving your skin with a natural glow. I LOVE using this moisturizer before I head to gym in the mornings, it’s lightweight, so it doesn’t feel like you’ve got a film of moisturizer on your face once you start sweating. If you also like less is more skincare, this product is lovely! Get your GLOW on & check it out here.

Soothing Aloe skin renewing moisturizer

Day in & day out your skin has to deal with different weather conditions, wind & pollution. Without us really realizing, it take such a toll on our skin. This unique blend of ingredients in this product is perfect to replenish lost moisture in the skin, keeping the skin feeling nourished & silky soft while protecting it against the daily conditions your skin has to face. For more details on the ingredients this moisturizer contains and how it benefits your skin, here’s the link.

Creme De La Creme night moisturizer 

This cream is packed with vitamin E, which is a GREAT moisturizer! It contains power antioxidants for cellular regeneration. It also fights off free radicals. The morning after I have slept with this night cream on my face, it is a “I woke up like this” moment. My skin feels super soft and supple and it has a natural glow that you only see on TV or on Insta photos! Head over to the site if you are interested in this glow I speak of.

Mojito Whipped Mousse

If your about that Mojito life, then this body mousse is for you! It has a gorgeous fresh & awake smell that lingers on you the whole day. The undertones of this body mousse is a mix of tropical fruit, think pineapples and kiwi with a hint of sweetness. Mix this all together and you have got yourself a sexy scent, that is guaranteed to get you some admiring eyes glancing over at you. If your a Mojito girl, hell, even if your not, here’s the link – I know you want to!

Activated Charcoal Facial Scrub 

My skin sometimes needs a scrub that has a little more umph! & this scrub is it. It’s so sad that my tub is empty. This scrub is perfect for an extra deep cleanse for your skin. The activated charcoal draws out impurities, dirt & excess oil from the skin, while the kaolin clay does the same but it also stimulates circulation & regulates sebum production to prevent dryness. This product also has a gorgeous smell. I’ll make you’re life easier and leave the link to this amazing scrub, right HERE! Thank me later.

GOSH Products


Protection & Style spray 

If I must be honest, most of the time I am lazy with hair care, mainly because I am always in a rush. I have had the GOSH style and protect spray for quite some time & it is finally finished. This product doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy or greasy or stiff after use.

X-Ceptional Wear Foundation 

This was one of my very first products I bought from GOSH. Overall it’s a good Foundation, in terms of coverage it just, just medium coverage. It has a dewy finish and after set with a powder, it lasts all day! It does not feel heavy on your face, which I love – I can’t stand feeling like I am wearing a layer of thick foundation. GOSH also has a very nice shade range available, which a lot of brands don’t tend to have.

Macadamia Conditioner

This conditioner wasn’t anything special if I am being honest here. It did what a conditioner does. And that’s about it, there wasn’t anything special or different that I can tell you about this product. I enjoyed the soft smell, my hair did feel nourished and soft, but sometimes it made my hair feel like I didn’t rinse it properly once my hair was dry, even if I rinsed it 2 or 3 times. The shampoo does the same thing, I think this is why I don’t like the product as much.

I’m a huge GOSH fan though, to shop some of their products, click here. It is also available in selected Edgars, Foschini and Truworths stores.



DermaPolish Enzymatic Exfoliator 

This is a daily essential I feel I can’t go without now that it is finished. It contains licorice and papain extract that assists in lightening and brightening the skin. The Colloidal oatmeal balances the pH levels of the skin and accelerates barrier repair. After polishing my face with this, it leaves behind a cool and fresh feeling face!

Bio-Hydrating Cream 

I used the Bio-hydrating cream as a daily moisturizer. It is rich in Hyaluronic acid to combat dehydration – which is one of my main skin concerns. With this being said, for day time I do not like a cream that doesn’t sink into my skin immediately, this one however does. Being rich and creamy, I thought it would be a cream that would leave my skin feeling greasy, but it doesn’t. My skin drinks this moisturizer up the moment I apply it and the best part is I can feel it works. My skin feels hydrated and fresh after I have used this as a moisturizer. I highly recommend this for my dry skinned girls out there.

If you are interested in any Dermafix products, here’s the link to their website.

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Shampoo & Conditioner 

This was my first time trying this range from Lee Stafford and both the shampoo and conditioner I enjoyed. The smell is super yummy! I’d love to try the Coco Loco hair treatment. I have the hairspray, mousse and serum spray from this range too. All of the products smell divine and do what they’re supposed to do.


Deodorants & Body Sprays 


Dove Invisible Dry Deodrant 

I ONLY use Dove deodorant. Nothing else keeps me as dry and fresh smelling as Dove does! The scents of their deodrants are ALL divine too.

Lentheric I love vanilla & I love flowers 

I love keeping body sprays in my hand bag and gym bag, just to freshen up during the day. Scents are personal taste so I am not going to go on about the scents, even though the vanilla smells AMAZEBALLS!



Beautiful Earth Bath & Massage oil

I love natural skincare, from moisturizers to body washed and even bath oils. I think I should work on a post of all my FAVOURITE natural products I always repurchase! The Beautiful Earth bath oil I bought from Faitful to nature, one of my favourite online shopping sites! After bathing in this your skin is silky smooth and SO hydrated you don’t even have to put on a moisturizer there after.

HASK Charcoal Shampoo & Conditioner 

I received this in a Cosmo magazine thought I’d add it to this post, because it pleasantly surprized me! I liked it mainly because a little goes a far way. I find this is hard to find in hair products, I always feel I have to use more than recommended. With this, the amount that was given was more than enough to wash and condition my hair. I love the fact that it contains activated charcoal to draw out any impurities and toxins in your hair.

Did you enjoy this post? I think I be doing 1 once a month. In some of them I will also include products that didn’t work for me and why.

Lots of love,



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