Hello babes! It’s been a while, so a hello is in order. I got home at about 19:40, ready to get my laptop out and type up a storm, get the blog post published, schedule social media, sort out email problems I’ve been having, eat dinner and then hop into bed. Well, it’s 20:39 and I’ve TRIED to sort out the email situation, but gave up, I haven’t had dinner and I’m only typing the post NOW! Anything I didn’t mention, I haven’t done. Like, why universe? I had a VERY busy day in my defense, but still, been feeling so uninspired to write lately. But I’m not here to moan, I’ll do that in another post, I’m here to CELEBRATE the launch of my very OWN beauty line. FINALLY! Keeping quiet about this until things were definite was HARD!

City Girl Beauty 

City Girl Beauty is inspired by all things us city girls love. Feeling good about ourselves and everything we need and want in order to feel that way, you know like we can take on the world. It’s inspired by different cities and different vibes, by ladies all wanting to feel comfortable in their own skin, different styles and different tastes. This brings me to my next topic, my gorgeous lipsticks.

“I have way to many lipsticks – said NO woman EVER”

City Girl Beauty liquid lipsticks

Why did I decide to launch my line with lipsticks you ask? I always say be as BOLD as your lipstick.

“On bad days there’s always lipstick” ~ Audrey Hepburn

And on good days too! What is a little black dress without a killer red lip? Or a pretty spring dress without a pop of Colour on the lips? Or perhaps a laid back outfit with a touch of nude for just a little something, something?

I LOVE a matte lip, this is also one of the reasons I chose to launch with a liquid lipstick first! It’s my absolute favourite thing to slap on a lipstick, hassle free when applying and it stays put all day long. No one wants to touch their lips up on the hour, at least I don’t, I don’t have the freaking time! I’m an on the run girl, and my lips have to look good always!

Extra Info

Here’s some deets on some of the ingredients in my lippies :

Isododecane :

  • Plant derived.
  • Emollient to keep product soft and smoothing on lips.

Dimethicone :

  • Found in out beautiful nature!
  • This is to keep profits from separating, and creates the fluidity in lipsticks.

Phenoxyethanol :

  • The alternative to parabenz

This formula is VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE & PARABEN FREE. It is not drying on the lips & glides on like a dream. It’s a long lasting, matte formula.

Right now there are only 6 lipstick shades available, 3 classics which is a vibrant red and 2 nude shades and then 3 shades inspired by Spring, bright, happy colours.

If all goes to plan, January a Summer collection will launch with new exciting colours to choose from!

Products launching soon : 

In the next couple of months 3 AMAZING different body scrubs will launch. I LOVE body scrubs & how it makes my skin feel. I’m most excited about my packaging. I can’t wait to show you all. I will also be launching a few ALL NATURAL facial serums and also a facial priming oil & a sleep in serum. The goal is to eventually have a full makeup range available and a decent collection of skin and body care products. All innovative and unique in their own way. There’s so much to say and to speak about, but before I spill too much beans, I am going to zip it and leave a bit for your imaginations.

Thank you to everyone that has been sending me such kind messages and supporting me! I appreciate it all SO, SO MUCH!

Remember to enter my GIVEAWAY and be one of the TWO lucky winners that’ll have their hands on ALL 6 of my liquid lipsticks FIRST! Enter here!

Also, go give City girl beauty a like!

Lots of love, until tomorrow!


10 thoughts on “City Girl Beauty Line”

  1. This is such wonderful news. I always get giddy when I see bloggers creating things from scratch and of course even more so when I see city girls hustle 10 times harder. Congratulations on your beauty line, I look forward to seeing your business grow.

    1. Hi Tasneem, THANK YOU!! It’s all about the hustle and working hard! Making dreams come true isn’t easy! It’s scary, unknown, hard work, insane drive & dedication and not just a 9-5 hustle but a 24hour hustle! Thanks for the amazing comment & for taking the time to read my post!❤️

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