Another review on a Dermafix product. As you all know, this skincare brand is one of my favourites and there are products I keep going back too. Today I’ll be sharing a bit of info and my opinion and thougts on the Pumpkin Peptide masque by Dermafix.

Dermafix pumpkin peptide masque

Product description :

This masque is an anti-oxidant rich thermo masque assisting to remove redundant skin cells. It offers re-texturising benefits whilst resurfacing the skin and encouraging cellular renewal. This masque is suited towards aging, hyperpigmentation and breakout prone skin problems.

Price :

It retails for R475 on their website.

Application + Applicator :

It comes in a large 125ml bottle that works with a pump action top. As mentioned before I am a fan of the packaging Dermafix uses for their products.

Dermafix masque

What I thought when first applying this product :

As seen in the product description, this product is aimed towards aging, hyperpigmentation and breakout prone skin. I have none of these skin concerns so my review will be based on my skin type, which is dry, sensitive and slightly dehydrated. After exfoliating my skin, I applied a decent amount of this masque all over my face. Immediately a burning sensation occurred and I immediately wanted to take this masque of my face. I decided to give it a fair chance, because of my skin being sensitive I do sometimes experience a burning sensation that goes away after a few minutes. The places that burnt most, was the dry areas next to my nose, the middle of my forehead and my chin. The burn didn’t really go away, but I could handle it. I only left this masque on for 5min as the website recommends for dry skin.

A slight tingly and warming is experienced once this masque is on your skin, this is totally normal and the website does state this too. The website also says do not apply to sensitive skin, irritated, eczema, rosacea or psoriasis prone skin. If it was anything my skin couldn’t handling I would’ve taken it off immediately as recommended. After rinsing my skin did feel hydrated and smooth. My face was quite red for obvious reasons. Overall I don’t think I will be using this masque on my skin type. I don’t think this product is a bad product, just a little too potent for my skin. The reviews on the site of this masque are both 5 star reviews, if your skin isn’t super sensitive then this masque is sure worth a try. This product also smells like pumpkin pie and nearly good enough to eat.

Formula :

The formula is brownish in colour, and a thick creamy consistency.

The packaging :

As mentioned above it is in a pump bottle! It plain and simple packaging which I like. It works with an air lock pump action, which guarantees no product left behind in the bottles.

Dermafix Pumpkin masque

Buy or read more about the Dermafix Pumpkin Peptide masque here.

I’m thinking of doing a style related post up next. Not 100% sure yet. Anyway. Have a fabulous Friday beauties.



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