I had a whole dilemma – I took photos for my scheduled blog posts, then lost my memory card. Can you even, like I need more crap and shenanigans to stress me out. Thank the pope I found it, because all my Thailand photos were on there too. This is the reason why my blog posts are a bit delayed. Anywhoo, I’ve never really given Celltone skincare a try in the past, but now after I have tried their range, I must say these products pleasantly surprised me. I thought a Celltone skincare review was in order, here are my thoughts.

Celltone Skincare products

Celltone hand cream

This product claims to be 99.9% germ fighting and moisturizing. It contains Argan, Calendule and Olive oils to moisturize the skin and a blend of mild germ fighting ingredients. It also has an SPF of 15. I love that it contains SPF, not many hand creams do. After all our hands are also always exposed to the sun, even in winter, just like our faces. I think that it’s very important to have a hand cream that contains SPF. My hands absorbs this cream within minutes after applying. I like that, I don’t like my hands feeling oily after applying a moisturizer. It retails for R149.90 for a 70ml tube – bigger than your average hand creams.

Celltone hand cream review

Celltone Gel

This gel assists in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, dark spots and facial wrinkles. Upon application this gel feels tacky and sticky, but my skin absorbs it SO quickly it kinda feels like magic. After it is absorbed my skin is smooth and feels slightly firmer and ready to apply moisturizer. I apply this product after my toner. The smell is a little weird, but once you have applied your moisturizer and makeup, it is all gone. I actually really like this product. It feels like an instant treatment for my skin. I can’t explain it any other way. Like I said, there is a noticeable firmer feel and look to my skin after I have applied this.

Review on the Celltone Snail extract gel

Celltone Tissue Oil

I have not tried the tissue oil yet. Once I have I will be sure to update this section & let you guys know about it too.

Some handy info though – this oil is clinically tested and offer 100% efficacy of 5x more hydration. This is an advanced formula with double the active ingredients to care and protect your skin. It contains 7 essentials oils and snail gel. It improves the elasticity of your skin which then assists in preventing stretch marks.

Celltone tissue oil review

Celltone Face care range

I am reviewing this based on my skin type which is dry, slightly dehydrated and sensitive. My skin is fussy, but I was pleasantly surprised to how well my skin reacted to these products.

Celltone skincare range

1. Facial wash

This product felt lovely on my skin while in the shower. It is a creamy gel formula that lathers up into a slight creamy foam. After rinsing and drying my face off my skin however did feel a little tight. I think it is a dry/dehydrated skin problem – if your skin is dehydrated it does feel  a little tight after using a cleanser that foams up. At least with my skin that is what happens. Still a very nice cleanser though. Once I applied toner and my moisturiser my skin feels good to go again.

2. Exfoliator

This is an exfoliating cream. It is extremely gentle and I love this! Every now and then my skin does need something a little more potent, but this is great for weekly exfoliation before applying a masque.

3. Cleansing Lotion

I personally prefer a cleansing lotion or a cream cleanser and I LOVE this one from Celltone. Its gentle, it hydrates while cleansing and it has a lovely soft smell. I like this more than the facial wash that foams up. My skin also needs that extra little hydration whenever and wherever.

4. Facial Toner

I love toners! Any toners! Give me ALL the toners! Haha. This one smells great and feels great!

5. Facial Masque

This was also a top notch product for me! It kind of feels like an in shower moisturizer and I love this as a quick masque if I don’t have time to lay there for 20min with a masque on. It has to sit on your skin for 2 – 3 minutes, I apply this, wash ma body and scrub my tootsies then before rinsing I massage it into my face for another 2 minutes or so then rinse, and BOOM, good to go! I highly recommend this masque! I really enjoy it.

6. Celltone moisturizer

With SPF 15 in it. This doesn’t quite fulfil to the hydration my skin needs from a moisturizer, but this is ALL I used in Thailand. It was holy smoley hot there, everything just melted of my face. I used this cause it felt light on my face and my skin absorbed it quickly. In general I don’t use this because my skin is just a tad to dry. If you have a normal skin type, I think this would be perfect for you.

Celltone Exfoliating Snail Extract Gel

This exfoliating gel is also super gentle, kind of like the snail gel itself, just an exfoliant. Also a product I enjoy. It is kind to your skin and at the same time gets the job done.

Celltone exfoliating gel

Snail gel benefits :

Many years ago, snail farm workers discovered that while harvesting snails, their hands became softer, smoother and younger looking. Snail gel benefits the skin and is one of nature’s beautiful secrets. All Celltone products contain snail gel to help keep skin looking and feeling young, smooth, fresh and radiant.

You can get Celltone products from selected Edgars or Clicks store and is also available online from Celltone.

My top recommendations from the Celltone range is the Face masque, the cream cleanser and definitely the Snail Gel.

Friday I will share my thoughts on a product from one of my favourite brands, Dermafix. Keep an eye out for that one.





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