Anyone that knows me, knows I am quite the shopaholic and they also know the moment I become obsessed with something I want it all and I want it now. Today I felt like sharing my current style obsessions.

A little off the topic, but isn’t it crazy how you can literally wear ANYTHING with anything at the moment! Wearing flip flops with a collared shirt or a blazer with a track pants is totally acceptable. I don’t know if I am the only one that thinks it is absolutely a little cray, but I just can’t get myself to dress that way. Wearing 23 different prints and colours all at once or pairing sneakers with a pretty summer dress. Maybe it’s my OCD, I just like looking and feeling like I have my shit together and didn’t dress myself with my eyes closed. I’m all about keeping up with the trends, but up to a certain point.

With that being said, sometimes trendy, hot right now items, only last a season or 2, so it is not always wise to spend ridiculous amounts of money on pieces that you will only wear for as long as the magazines say so. I always try to make sure if I purchase trendy pieces I will wear it more than once & that it isn’t an impulsive buy just because the media says you need it in your wardrobe. And I also try make sure that I already have something in my closet that will go with this specific item. I am a sucker for trends though and I can also be an impulsive buyer. Generally I try not to be. No promises.

I do tend to get a bit overly excited EVERYTIME I get paid thinking I need everything I’ve been wishlisting the crap out of throughout the month leading up to pay day, but lately I try think everything through as well as possible to make sure that whatever I buy really has a place in my closet and the way I dress. My rule is, if I still think about it the day after, I really need to go back for it.

My current style obsessions


I’m loving mules at the moment, for those of you that follow me on Instagram should’ve seen my photo of my mules, if not you can see it here. I got these in Bangkok for not too cheap actually, but I love the fact that they are all black yet still have some detailed embellishment on them that adds a bit of detail to an all black shoe. In my opinion the shoes you wear completes your outfit. Wearing a pair of slops with a collared shirt, makes it look sloppy – see what I did there!

I also think shoes says a bit about your personality and who you are. I’m loving the mule trend at the moment, there is such a big variety of styles you can choose from, it’s an easy slip on non fuss shoe, that can turn a laid back outfit into something a little more dressed up and fancy or something fancy a little more laid back.

Mules currently on my wish list : 

A black pair of mules that is plain, not too detailed. A classic look that can be paired with a cigarette pants and a blouse or a jean and a slouchy slogan tee and can compliment both outfits without taking away from either.

A pair of mule that has embroided detail on like the image below. Something with a bit more colour and that is a little louder then just a plain black mule. Right now I can’t really decide what colour or design I want, the right pair is still somewhere out there waiting to be found. Luella available at Foschini has a pair just like these below. They are everything!


A slip on peep toe mule with a heel of course! This pair is in my cart as we speak, trying to make the final ‘proceed to checkout’ click. Loving this shoe & it can take any outfit to the next level without a doubt!

Peep toe mule

The thick sole

I was very unsure about this trend until I tried a pair on & I LOVE!! I got these from Superbalist, last week Thursday actually – they had 30% off on selected shoes & I adore them! A sandal I think I would get quite a bit of wear out of. They are a classic black sandal with a trendy twist.

Summer Sandals

I LOVE this shoe!! It is a classic loafer, but just spiced up with a thick sole! Isn’t it a beauty. I love the black pair, but the rose gold pair is out of this world!


The white sole

This one I also took a while to warm up to! I’m picky with the shoes I wear! Once I tried these shoes on, it’s grown on me! Not just super stylish, but super comfy too.

I got this pair on sale at Mr Price for R80 – I wasn’t sure in store, but then paired it with a distressed denim and a black blouse and I LOVED IT!

Summer Sandal


Who doesn’t love tassels at the moment! I got a very pretty navy off the shoulder top – also a style I love! Off the shoulder has been around for a while. This top has a detailed colourful sleeve WITH tassels! Best combo!

Tassel Shirt

Tassel earrings are also everything right now and 1 pair simply isn’t enough! They make a statement without being too heavy or uncomfortable.

Tassel Earrings

The embroidery trend

Buy me anything with embroided detail on right now and you will be my favourite!  Unfortunately I don’t have any picture of the 1 clothing item I own that has embroided detail on, but it’s an off the shoulder black belle sleeve top with 2 embroided roses on the front. The back is slightly open – it forms an upside down V on my back (if this makes sense).

After watching LeChelle Taylor’s YouTube haul video where she mentioned she also loves the embellishment trend, but she is picky with what she buys, I also decided to make sure whatever I buy with embellishment on has to be versatile and not tacky.

Items I am loving with embellishment on :

A denim – this will look great with a plain tee or blouse! I love a plain look, yet it still somehow makes a statement.

Embroided Denim

Embroided Denim

The tee – I like a plain tee with embellishment on! It takes something plain and makes it look a little fancier.

Embroided tee

The shoe – Once again a fancy smanchy shoe to zhooze up a plain outfit, or to make a cute outfit even cuter!!


I got myself a black pair in Thailand and I can’t get enough of them. You can literally wear them with anything and look good. I don’t have a photo of mine, but I found a photo on Pinterest of a pair that looks exactly like mine.


This photo is totally my style! A classic shoe, a soft jersey and a comfy pair of pants! A culottes can be a cool, lightweight  Summer or Spring pants and can also be worn on colder days or in Winter with a comfy knit, a pair of stockings and loafers. I chose black because well, it’s black! My favourite colour. It goes with anything and everything, compliments any body type and always looks classy.

The matching 2 piece

And last but not least the matching 2 piece. This has been ‘in’ for quite a while now, because I remember getting a little matching set in Summer 2016 from YDE. I got another set in Thailand – something plain but fun.

Matching 2 piece

This is the set I got from YDE :

Matching 2 piece

I’d like to get something a little more sophisticated, with a culottes style pants. I haven’t come across a set like this yet or similar, but my eyes are wide open. Let me know if you’ve browsed past something like this somewhere.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I always enjoy writing about style and fashion. Dressing myself is one of my favourite things to do, most days! I’m working on ways to improve my style and take it a notch up. I want to work on looking stylish and like I’ve got this thing called being a grown up, nailed every day and not just some days. Let me know if you have any style tips and how you keep your closet up to date, items you love, items you splurge on and everything in between.

From one fashionista to another, have a fab Monday.







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