I know a lot of my followers and readers has been wanting and waiting for me to start a youtube channel, but I’m here to tell you why I won’t be starting one soon. In the future I would still like to, I just feel right now isn’t the right time. Instead of leaving you all wondering, I thought why not do a little blog post explaining my reasons and maybe you guys would understand a little better where I am coming from.

I don’t feel I have enough time

Now I am sure I will have time if I somewhere squeeze in an hour or 2 to record once or twice a week. But then comes the editing, which takes way longer than the recording process. My day roughly goes as follows : I wake up around 6:30/7:00AM, at 8 I go train then try be at work by 10:00. I then leave there again at 12:45 to be at my afternoon job on time that starts at 13:00, then I only leave there at about 19:00. In between, I prep blog posts, take social media and blog images and do the everyday work stuff my 2 jobs demand. Now see, I don’t really have time to sit and record unless I somehow wiggle in a couple of hours weekly which will probably end up being a pain in my ass, because I know I don’t really have time. Squeezing in some time would just add unnecessary stress.

I’m kind of not feeling it

I’m kind of not feeling the whole having a channel vibe. Things aren’t really going as planned this year and I feel a little unmotivated to just get up and do what I have to do. We’ve all probably been here and know the feeling. Not feeling something you will end up just making excuses not to do it or do it, but half heartedly. Now I would rather not do something at all than do it half. Eventually a day will come where I have enough time to put in the effort and work that I would like to put into my channel.

Filming area

Right now my room, where I probably have more things than I should have. This isn’t the ideal set up for filming and having a nice little background set up either. There just isn’t enough space. The light also isn’t 100% the way I would want it to be. And yes, I know I can buy lights and a backdrop or even DIY, but the hassle that goes with that is also just too much for me right now. Setting up then setting down in a small little area will probably send me through the roof, already the small space is testing my sanity.

The YT world

Being in the Youtube world is pressure. It doesn’t have to be, but I am the type of person that wants to make a good first impression and show my followers, viewers, subscribers I am serious about filming and my content. So yes, I am not going to settle for less than how I imagine it to be in my head. Not perfect, but nice! And something people would want to watch!

Speaking to the camera

Now this is a tough one. It seems easy, until you do it. For some it may come natural – but I can’t help to giggle every 2 seconds or be like “what the hell are you doing or saying”. I also just can’t get myself to record if there is anyone at home. I have to be all alone. It is weird knowing there is someone in the room next to me while I am having a full on hour convo with my camera. And speaking of this, I am never alone, my mom works from home, the domestic is there daily and the 2 other staff members she has. Evenings my whole family is there and weekends I am at my boyfriend’s house which is also never quiet.

I don’t want to do makeup tutorials

I ain’t no makeup artist. I like videos like unboxings, first impressions, monthly favourites, empties and anything style related. I also like haul videos. So that is the type of videos I would film because that’s what I enjoy most.

So when will I start a YT channel

Well, for now I don’t know. Once I have my own living area that hopefully has a beauty room and workspace. This will hopefully be next year – I don’t know when though. But for now I will continue blogging, and if I start to film videos I will still have my blog. I love blogging, I love writing, I enjoy taking images for my blog and social media so much. So if I make videos it’ll be to compliment or add to blog posts, or it’ll be videos that work better as a video than a blog post.

Some of these problems may seem first world, but they are real and they are what is holding me back. Once I have a proper routine and I am able to stick to it then only I will be able to balance everything. For now I am working on being more consistent with blogging, to blog every 2nd day is the goal, but every 3rd day if I run out of content or haven’t prepped properly. This sometimes do happen as my days aren’t all the same.

Thanks for stopping by if you did! My next post will be a review post on some Celltone products that pleasantly surprised me.

Lots of love,


6 thoughts on “Why I won’t be starting a YouTube channel soon”

  1. You do not owe anybody anything, much less an explanation. Only you will know when the right time is for what in your life and what type of stress you can take on.
    Good luck

  2. It’s completely ok not to have a YouTube channel. I can just imagine how much time that must take. I think you should do what comes naturally to you and what makes you feel comfortable. Either way whatever you do I’m sure it will be a hit 😊

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