So I received The Little Eskimo eye & face ice masks a while back to give a try and review. The past few months has been a little crazy and unorganized, but I am working on posting every second or third day depending on the content I have prepped. Anyway, I gave the masks a try & I am here to tell you exactly what I think of them.

The little eskimo face and eye mask reveiw

The packaging :

These masks come packaged in a really nifty box that can open – kind of like I book, in order to see what is inside without opening the box itself. As you all know, I am all about packaging! I like inventive packaging, making sure it looks as attractive as the product is. Once opened each mask comes with its own little bag made from silky soft material. You can keep it in these little bags to keep it clean and organized in your closet or drawers. This also makes it great for traveling, since it already has its own little bag you can put it into any of your traveling bags without worrying if it will get damaged or not.

The little eskimo eye mask

The price :

The face mask retails for R185 and the eye mask for R95. You can buy both if these masks as a combo pack for only R269. Which I think is a total bargain. The quality is great and it has so many uses. It is also reusable which means that if these masks are looked after it can last you a lifetime.

The little eskimo face mask

What these ice masks can be used for :

I am sure everyone has heard of skin icing. Now these masks allow the same effect skin icing has on your skin, just less messy. You can use this to refresh and rejuvenate your skin, reduces redness, puffiness. You can use it to soothe sensitive or sun burnt skin. It also helps to shrink and minimize the appearance of pores. It helps maintaining the tightness and firmness of your skin. Before applying your makeup you can use it to ensure a less puffy and firm skin. Overall this product can be used for SO much! Even for headaches and migraines too.

The little eskimo eye masks

What I have used these masks for :

If I go to bed later than usual, I wake up with a face feeling fat and puffy, my eyes look swollen and it takes quite a while before my face looks normal again, with this full face Little eskimo mask, as seen below, I’d lay down on bed with it on my face for about 30min. It makes such a difference, not just in the way my face looks, but I also feel refreshed and ready for the day. I suffer with quite bad headaches too ever so often, especially if I drive without my specticals and this full face mask is a lifesaver. I highly recommend it for anyone that gets crappy headaches.

In Thailand the sun fried me on our island tour even after applying 126 layers of sun screen, wearing glasses and a hat, my skin felt super sensitive that evening, this mask also came so handy for this. The eye mask are great for in the mornings to refresh your eyes after a long nights rest too.

I do also have a sensitive skin and if I use products that don’t agree with my skin I get the worst rashes ever. It burns and itches all at once, it swells and is so uncomfortable. I haven’t had such a breakout while having my Little Eskimo’s but I am almost 100% sure these masks will ease and soothe my skin amazingly if used them while I had a rash like that.

The little eskimo face mask

Use the code SummerLove on their site to receive a 20% off of your masks. This code is valid until the 30th of September 2017, so hurry. Here’s the link to their Insta page @the_littleeskimo. Also head over to their But first, coffee scrub Insta page & show them some love! The body scrubs are amazing, and smells DIVINE!! They retail for R285 each.

Lots of love,


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