My first anti-haul post. Whaaat? Me, having an anti-haul post from Sephora of all places – yip! I’m sharing all the deets on what I WON’T be purchasing from Sephora next month and why!!  I’m telling you what I won’t be getting and what or where I will be getting in the place of the item I decided to ditch.

Tarte Blushes

Tarte individual blushes are over R400 per blush, now I am not saying it is too expensive or not worth the price you pay, because this is an high end brand, so obvs it is going to be pricy, but this will be my FIRST visit to Sephora so I will prob freak the f#ck out and be super impulsive and want to buy EVERYTHING I lay eyes on! Therefore, I need a plan – if you are a makeup freak, or shopping freak for that matter you need a plan in cases like these.

What I will be doing instead, is to buy the limited edition, GORGEOUS Tarte blush palette. This consists of 4 of the blushes Tarte has to offer from their range  – I will be paying a little over R500 for the WHOLE palette and I love limited edition products – this is in my opinion 100% worth it. Because I love myself a good old blush and I can’t miss the opportunity to not get some blushes from Tarte.

E.L.F Cosmetics

I will still be buying a truck full of E.L.F cosmetics, just not from Sephora. It will work out cheaper to purchase E.L.F from Eve n Boy or Boots, there are also a lot of other beauty stores in the 5000 malls I want to go visit. Sephora is slightly pricy so I will be picky as to what I purchase from there. I will be sure to first browse around all the beauty stores and then purchases in order to make the most of the money I have saved.

Urban Decay products

I love UD, but it is available here too! I will CONSIDER getting items that perhaps aren’t available in SA – but other than that, I won’t be buying anything from this brand. And truth be told there are something about their naked palettes that just puts me off from buying them. I have no idea why – I just don’t like how they look!

Too Faced

I probably won’t buy their Sweet peach or Bon bons palette – I once again don’t like the look of these. What I have heard of them is that they are good, just like all the other Too faced items, but it is just not palettes I am dying to have in my collection.

Their new Love light highlighters are GORGEOUS, but I still don’t know if I want one of them.  The lightest one of the 3 would most def be the one I purchase if I end up purchasing one of these babies.

I also won’t go toooo crazy on this brand as it is expensive and I will only buy what I really, really want! Like their Melted lippies is a def and I will be having a hard time deciding between their mascara’s, Born this way foundation and concealer, Sweetheart powders, their blushes and bronzers and I am not even mentioning the 2017 Fall collection!

I wouldn’t mind to get my hands on the Hangover primer and the Poreless primer. There’s a lot from this brand that I actually do want, besides those 2 palettes, but I do have to purchase smart and make sure I come back to SA with items I have been drooling over for months and not items I bought because I was confused.


We all know Glamglow isn’t for the budgeters out there, you have to sell a kidney in order to get your hands on one of these tubs! These products have a NASTY price tag and I just think there will be so much more Sephora will have to offer once I am in there and shopping! I don’t think I should be spending my money on this. I have only tried 3 of their masks and honestly, I won’t purchase or repurchase any of them.

It Cosmetics

Another brand with a hefty price tag, It cosmetics. I am hoping to only purchase their CC Cream, it’s highly talked about on the tube and other social media platforms. It will cost me about R670 – so it will have to blow my mind in order for me to purchase it. Other than that I don’t think I will be purchasing much from this brand.

Their brushes are so pretty, but they remind me very much of the E.L.F brushes, which is a fraction of the price.

Kat Von D

I won’t be getting her Shade & Light contour or eye palette. I just think she has better things in her range to get FIRST.

Like her Lock – it foundation, concealer and primer and I def want to get a few of her lippies!! They’re SO pretty! I love her packaging! It’s her, but just in makeup form!

And her Lock it blotting powder I also hope to get – Kathleen Lights says it makes her pores vanish, so I hopes it makes mine vanish too!

Marc Jacobs

I’m so in 2 about this brand! A lipstick would cost me about R450 – which is a lot for a lippy I am unsure of, because there are so many other lipsticks I hope to get my hands on this one isn’t on the top of my list. Hopefully I drift past a special somewhere, and then maybe I will consider it.

I do however want to get the High and fine 4 piece petites waterproof eyeliner collection. Marc Jacobs liners are apparently out of this world and worth the buck.

The Marc Jacobs Instamarc Filtering contour palettes are just gorgeous and I’ve read and heard so much good things about these powders! All my favourite international YouTubers LOVE this product!

Beauty Blender

I won’t be getting anything from the Original beauty blender brand. I personally think it is a little over priced and there are SO many good beauty blenders out there for a fraction of the price. If you haven’t seen my post on my hits and misses on beauty blenders, read it here.


I LOVE this brand and I have heard just amazing things about it, but it is super pricy too! So I will perhaps opt in for a set like Opal glow on the go set or the BECCA X Chrissy face palette which gives a little more than just 1 product for a smaller amount. I don’t know though – like I said there will be so much I want and I don’t know if BECCA will be making the cut after I get there and start making decisions.

Laura Mercier

A huge hit and everyone is currently on about this brand – but it is also going to be a huge hit in my pocket! It’s so expensive! And right now, there is nothing specific I have been eyeing from the brand!


Their palettes also aren’t as affordable as one would think. I use to think ZOEVA is very affordable for some reason. So when making my decision on palettes and seeing the prices, it changed from buying ALL the palettes to getting only 1 or 2. I do like the Caramel Melange Palette and I think there is a 70% chance of me getting the Coral Spectrum Blush Palette. Their brushes are loved too, but also on the pricier side – which I don’t mind, but I am on a budget. I do like the Bamboo Edition Brushes and would probably get those IF I get any brushes from this brand.

Make Up For Ever

I won’t be getting anything from this brand! I don’t like the name of it! And the cheapest product from this brand is like R500. It isn’t a brand that stands out to me and nothing from it has drawn my attention to date. 

Makeup Revolution & I Heart Makeup (I am not sure if this brand is available from Sephora though – it is in Boots and Eve n boy!)

From these brands I will definitely like to get a few products from. I always browse their site. I love their palettes and they have some great sets. They also have dupes for Too faced which I think is worth a shot.

I also won’t be buying anything that I can get here in SA – because that’s just stupid!!

I would’ve liked to purchase much more, including some of the items on this list but as we all know international trips are not just about the shopping! I have to consider the markets and the adventures, the day tours and the wining and dining. We also want to visit a rooftop bar in Bangkok. There is a whole lot to consider – and I know myself, I will spend so much on shopping and then regret it later. Therefore, shopping will be done at the END of our trip, AFTER we have done and seen everything we wanted to.

Tomorrow you can catch my review on the HEAN primers, it was supposed to be up on Wednesday but I didn’t have the relevant images I wanted to use in that post. Both primers are absolutely stunning.

I have a full blog schedule planned for this month and the beginning of August, so stick around!



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